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Standard: ANSI / BIFMA X5.1-2002
For Category: All chairs
Test Properties: comprehensive performance testing projects. Assess the seat endurance under vertical load applied.
Test object: the entire chair.
Test program: the impact of the seat by the front corner test and hydrostatic test components.
Shock Test: 16-inch diameter heavy 125 pounds of sandbags 1 inch above the seat position to the whereabouts of the impact velocity 10-30CPM chair surface 100,000 times.
Rake test: 8-inch diameter heavy 165 pounds of briquettes 10-30CPM slow speed of static pressure in front of the chair left corner of each 20,000 times
Results of the assessment: the entire chair will not lose function after the test.
Performance: - magnetic chuck driven sand bags, sand bag for the loss of power when the free-fall impact chairs; a machine with two, plectrum switch to select shock or hydrostatic test mode; 125 pounds standard sand bag canvas outer layer thickness, moisture-proof canvas lining , built-plating ball; electrically adjustable crossbar fluctuate;
Model GJ-003 BIFMA requirements
Register a six, power and memory, the output control impact 100,000 + 20,000 + HIP HIP left corner right corner 20000
Shock sand bag (weight) 16-inch diameter and weighs 125 pounds standard sand bag 125 pounds standard sand bag
HIP module (weight) diameter of 8 inches and weighs 165 pounds 165 pounds briquetting briquetting
Impact speed 10-30 times / min or designated 10-30CPM
Hydrostatic speed 10-30 times / min or designated 10-30CPM
Cylinder stroke 0-300mm
Rail height 90-135cm
Power single-phase AC220V 1A
Volume (W * L * H) 84 * 270 * 80cm

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